Cement vs Adhesive – What’s best for fixing tiles and marble?

Cement has been used to fix tiles and marbles for centuries, but its usage has changed considerably over the years. It’s still a great option for cementing tile or marble surfaces, but today’s flooring requires something more advanced.

Traditional tile installation methods have their drawbacks. Cement and sand slurry are used to fix tiles, but they can cause problems. Cement shrinks after drying, leaving hollow spaces below the surface of the tile. This creates weak spots in the floor which when hit a little hard, could chip or crack the tile. For a durable and trouble-free installation of tiles, adhesive is the perfect solution.

Adhesives vs Cement: Which is better?

  • Cement mix is a time-consuming process for laying tiles while adhesive is quick & fast.
  • Adhesive grips tiles better than cement and can also easily hold bigger-sized stones.
  • It is a great choice for fixing tiles and marbles, because it has a high bonding strength. Cement mix relatively has poor bonding strength.
  • Adhesive requires a lot thinner mixture than a cement mix does. This leads to a lighter load to the building structure.
  • Concrete cement mixes are messy and dirty, but adhesives have low dust processes and provide a clean working space.
  • Cement mix is easy on the pocket while you have to spend a bit more on the adhesive.
  • Adhesives are very versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

In a nutshell:
Considering the aforementioned factors, we can say that adhesives are a better choice than cement for attaching tiles and marble. They are less messy to work with and easier to clean up, providing an overall better experience with more efficiency. The only downside? Adhesives are slightly more expensive than cement, but durable. For the benefits they provide in terms of convenience, they’re worth the extra cost.

Cement is a widely available material and it is cheaper as compared to tile adhesives. As stated, cement has its ups and downs but surely for laying tiles & stones, an adhesive will be a much better choice given its properties and features.

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