About us

Marble Magik Corporation was born in 1999, on the avid soil of Surat placed in the highly applauded state, Gujarat, which contributes as a salient province to the land of Incredible India!
Marble Magik Corporation operates in the sphere of restoration, remodeling and renovation of stones (Marble , Granite, Sand Stone, Lime Stone etc.), Tiles, Wood, Glass, Stainless Steel 8: Plastic by the means of its peculiar and specialized stone care solution formulas. The remarkable product range and note worthy services are the reason for the constant progress and growth of the company.

The mileage of the company is diversified and its expansion is not only through out India but also as made its presence felt in countries like Yemen, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico and Kenya, where under the distinct supervision it has clinched various crucial projects.

The key to success of MMC lies in the research & development board which evolves new ideas and inventions and sums it up with innovations creating unique solutions to all the problems related to stone. Firm with the policies, the Marble Magik Corporation abides by the principal of providing finest quality products and services to its consumers at all moments.