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Magik Polish Powder

Magik Polish Powder

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Magik Polish Powder is high performance polish powder containing compact calcium useful for marble, granite and lime stone. The product removes all dull itches, water mark and surface scratches while renewing the surface with original gloss and unifying the surface aspect. Application hardens the natural surface of the stone, therefore increasing resistance to general foot traffic.

  • Nice Luster Finish & Long Lasting
  • Excellent Glossy Effect
  • Moderate Hydrophobic Property
  • Wash Resistance
  • Excellent Coverage
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Moss & Fungus Resistance
  • Longer Gloss Span For Surface
  • Polish Marble
  • Polish Granite
  • Engineered Marble

Powder or Granule

Crystal white, Yellow

3 (5% in Water)

Pack Size:
0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

1 kg – 60-100

Storage Life:
24 months in unopened condition

Before applying Magik Polish Powder on the surface mix it with clean water at the ratio of 1:4 to get a workable liquid paste-like consistency.

Application Process

Apply on the surface with considering area about 3 to 5 sq. mt. Once the mixer is applied on the floor and buffed with Magik Red Pad. After a bright crystallizing surface is seen on the stone surface, scrape the pastry substance to the next operating area with a wipe. Continue to polish by adding only a bit of new crystallizing powder. Repeat such polishing till a lot of bubbles are seen on the floor and absorb them with a water sampling machine. Then, add new crystallizing powder again and operate by using the foregoing method. Repeat the above method to achieve a more crystalline and shiny effect. Clean the floor with clear water and dry the floor when the entire crystallizing operation is completed.