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Magik Bond Extra White

Magik Bond Extra White

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Magik Bond Extra White is designed especially for interior and exterior floor and wall installation of all types of glass mosaic, white marble, engineered stone, precast terrazzo. The good underwater shear bond allows this product to be used for wet areas like swimming pools, sauna, water bodies, and washrooms. Can also be used as a slurry bond adhesive in wet on wet applications, tile on tile applications.

  • Suitable for various tiles, marble granite & other stones
  •  Suitable for various substrate
  •  Ideal for size up to 3 ft x 6 ft on floor and wall
  • Compliance to IS 15477 Type 2 Adhesive
  • Concrete
  • Cement mortar beds
  •  Ceramic tile and stone
  • Concrete masonry
  •  Cement plaster
  •  Brick masonry
  •  Cement terrazzo
  •  Gypsum wallboard
  •  Vitreous tiles
  •  Semi-vitreous tiles
  •  Glass mosaic tiles
  •  Precast terrazzo
  •  Natural stones

Colour: White

Pack Size: 20 kg

3MM thickness: 55-60 sq.ft/20 kg

Exceeds IS 15477 – Type 2 Adhesive standard



    _Magik Bond Extra White 2060

    Place clean drinking water in a clean mixing container. Add the Magik Bond Extra White 2060 powder to the moistening tub. Use about 5-6 liters of water per 20 kg of powder. Mix by hand or with a slow-speed blender to a creamy, drilling consistency. Allow the adhesive to slake for 5 to 10 minutes. Adjust the consistency if possible. Remix and shall be applied with the correct seized notched trough.