Choosing The Right Colour of Tile Joint Filler for Your Rooms

White Duo

When white or very pale tiling is combined with white grouting, the distinction between the tiles vanishes and the entire area merges seamlessly into one surface.

White Tiles with Grey Epoxy​

When you contrast the tile and grout, the tile's form is more vivid, and the grout itself creates a design. Adding brighter grout can make the tiles pop even more.

White and Dark​

The grout pattern becomes more important than the tile itself when you choose black grout. Tiles in this high-contrast style work well in areas with a black and white colour scheme

Coloured Tiles Gap Filling Material​

Color grout can give epoxy filling in tiles more vibrance than normal tones. Make your tiles as vibrant as you like by choosing a wide, vivid, and bright epoxy

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