How to Seal Grout in Easy Steps

Discover the ideal grout sealer and application technique to transform your bathroom or kitchen tiles from dull to dazzling in just a few hours.

 Clean and repair the grout.

Clean grout well with soapy water using a toothbrush. Let it dry for 45 mins before applying sealer.

Choose right grout sealer.

When shopping for grout sealer, consider penetrating and membrane-foaming types. The right one depends on tile type and location.

Choose ideal sealer applicator

Proper applicator choice is crucial for effective grout sealing, considering factors like grout line thickness and tile sealing status..

Apply sealer slowly and wipe off  excess.

Apply first coat of sealer, let it dry for an hour, then apply a second coat. Usually, 1-3 coats are needed for sufficient protection.

Apply second coat of sealer

After second coat of sealer, test grout with water drops. If it doesn't bead up, apply third coat for better results.

Test the sealer. 

Test sealed grout with water drops. If it doesn't bead up, apply a third coat for better results.

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