4 Must-Have Products To Enhance The Colour Of Natural Granite

How to Enhance the Colour of Granite?

It is very easy for granite to get stains & marks on it. Here's a list of some of our products that are spectacular at maintaining granite stone.

Magik Shiner WB

The Magik Shiner WB is a polishing liquid that works really well on granite. Specifically designed to be applied to polished & porous surfaces, it is a water-based wax emulsion.

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Magik Darkner

When a surface becomes wet, Magik Darkner darkens and draws the colour out. With superior water and UV resistance, this cure coating will provide great adhesion and durability.

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Magik Wetlook WB

Magik Wetlook WB gives a matte coloured effect without interfering with the pattern of the stone. It has UV stability and also gives a mattifying effect to the granite surfaces

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Magik Tough Coat

A solvent-based system, Magik Tough Coat offers unusual abrasion resistance. The product also shares the limelight since it has excellent mechanical & chemical resistance.

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