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Magik Anti Slip

Magik Anti Slip

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Magik Anti Slip prevents people from suffering from incidents caused due to wet and slippery floors. The unique formulation of the product does not make any coating and will not peel at any time. Through a chemical reaction, Magik Anti Slip creates a microstructure on the surface, leaving the floor slip resistant. Part A – Cleaner, Part B – Activator, Part C – Neutralizer

  • Eliminates accident caused by slippery floor
  • Effective under wet condition
  • Can be use indoor or outdoor
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Vitrified tiles
  • Granite
  • Stone terrazzo

Part A/B/C – Liquid

Part A/B/C – Transparent


Part A – 7

Part B – 3 to 4

Part C – 10 to 11

Pack Size:

1.50 L

  • Part A: 0.50 L
  •  Part B: 0.50 L
  •  Part C: 0.50 L

1 L – 15/20

Storage Life:
12 months in unopened condition

On a very clean and wax-free surface apply Magik Anti-slip Part A (works as Cleaner) to make the surface well clean and remove any waxy substance and make the surface ready for application for Magik Anti-slip Part B. Make the surface dry after Magik Anti Slip Part A application. Apply Magik Part B (work as Activator) on the surface with spray and leave the surface wet for 5 to 10 min depending upon the surface type. When required, anti-slip effect obtained on surface spray Magik Part C (Works as Neutralizer) to neutralize Magik Anti Slip Part B.

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